How Segmentify solved Sephora’s Complex Searchandising Needs!

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How Segmentify solved Sephora’s Complex Searchandising Needs!

In the newest episode of the eCommerce Growth Show, our host takes on how Sephora was battling to solve its searchandising needs and utilised Segmentify’s unique solutions. In addition, this show covers how Segmentify employs a significant position in helping clients address common eCommerce platform issues and gain the most out of their platform, delivering to relevant KPIs. 

This week’s guest is Sedat Fırat, the eCommerce manager for Sephora in Turkey. Sedat has spent a solid portion of his life in Boston and comes from a well-rounded global market experience of Turkish and US descent. When asked how his professional experience led him to join Sephora, Sedat points to the exciting and dynamic nature of the business, as it is on the road to booming. New brands are constantly launching, and Sephora occupies a unique position as the leader in the market and actuary cosmetics. Sedat joined Sephora in 2018 as the company wanted to launch its eCommerce store.

So, how does this journey cross paths with Segmentify? 

The Issue of Search in the Beauty Sector

Sedat explains that every eCommerce platform and project is unique; this is particularly striking for Sephora, functioning in over 16 countries and present in the online ecosystem. Sephora in Turkey attempted to take on this project with a local partner knowing there would be advantages and disadvantages. While the significant majority of Sephora companies across the globe partner with SFCC, a giant eCommerce partner, Turkish Sephora, decided to go local. This is because they wanted agility, flexibility, and dedication. However, their starting point, especially in search, was not adequate. 

Sedat points to a good analogy here. In fashion, when you are looking for a red dress, the search process works in a relatively straightforward manner. But, in beauty, red lipstick is never simply a red lipstick; it can be named sun red, pomegranate red, the sky’s the limit. This challenge had to be addressed with searchandising, powered by Segmentify. 

Segmentify As A Leading Searchandising Solution

In the beauty sector, trends change overnight and move very quickly. To be the trendsetter, you have to collect data regarding what products are being viewed, what products are being added to the cart, and what products are being added to this wish list. All this data existed under Sephora’s belt, but how to use these insights was unclear. 

Let’s continue on this analogy: “We were talking about red lipstick. It’s more than that. If someone is looking for a product specifically for their needs, if it’s skincare for their skin colour, skin type, we want to make sure that we offer them and show them the best product. And the data is not always in the product description.”

Consider this; skincare is never just one thing. It can help with pimples, and ageing could be a night cream mask; the categories are simply endless. So as categories and data pile up, it is essential to make sense of this data. 

So what did Sephora do? Through Segmentify, they determined their best selling products, best-looking products, and the products that were perhaps missing an opportunity. Sephora has about 16 thousand SKUs, which is difficult to manage manually. These advanced needs to fully handle the platform and optimise search required a sophisticated technology like Segmentify’s. 

Serdar mentions that at Sephora, they are working with countless great brands and gives the example of Too Faced. “Too Faced has fun product names; one of them is called Damn Girl. If someone is looking for Damn Girl on Google or even within site, sometimes it’s hard for them to find a product they’re looking for or come with different products. We know that there’s a fragrance from Tom Ford called F*in Fabulous; there is a curse word before it. It’s an amazing fragrance. But again, all these fashion brands, all these beauty brands, actually use fun words to describe their products with not the notes within the fragrance, not necessarily the colour. So we work specifically with the brands to make sure that the product that they want to push or that they’re best at shows up first.”

These sophisticated needs also apply to high-end luxury brands like Dior, Hermes, and Chanel, which come with very specific requirements within the sites. For example, their products need to be shown in particular categories based on search, and the product listings need to be manipulated. Segmentify’s searchandising solution helps establish all of this. 

Crafting Personalised Searchandising with Sephora

At Sephora, the eCommerce platform needs to be personally crafted for different brands as they outline the other brand spaces. It is important not to cross brands on Sephora; if a customer’s journey starts from a specific brand, they only see the products from that particular brand. On the other hand, when viewing a specific category, the customer gets access to all brands lined up in the product listing while not crossing the requirements of brand spaces. There are no upsell or cross-sell scenarios. Intelligent search allows for this. 

Sedat then dives into the Sephora blog, where every single word within the blog is searchable. “For example, if you’ve purchased something and are looking for a customer service number, you shouldn’t be looking at the customer service number within site. Customer service is on top in the search bar, and something should pop up if you’re looking to return your product.”

Sephora is looking to integrate with Segmentify’s personalised searchandising tool to offer better site functionality and user search experience. Segmentify allows for quick tracking of customer behaviour and preference and product listing tracking through its machine learning engine. Its real-time solution provides a highly accurate and efficient search tool. In addition, it builds up the merchandising element through its search result pages, faceted search pages, merchandising category pages, almost like a search and merges tool. 

For more information and details from Sedat Fırat’s insights, tune into the eCommerce Growth Show!

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