G2 Users Love Us: Segmentify Receives eCommerce Personalisation and Analytics Leader Badges in G2 Winter Reports 2022

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G2 Users Love Us: Segmentify Receives eCommerce Personalisation and Analytics Leader Badges in G2 Winter Reports 2022

Segmentify has been helping the top eCommerce brands create the best personalised shopping experience for over eight years. These leading brands like Puma, Ebuyer, Intersports and Celtic have chosen to work with us because our algorithms offer them the chance to see and react to the changes in consumer behaviour in real-time. And now, we’re beyond excited to share with you that Segmentify has received six badges in G2 Winter Reports 2022!

🏆 eCommerce Personalisation – Leader

eCommerce Personalisation is the process of identifying and understanding the needs and preferences of individual customers. Using these insights, eCommerce Personalisation aims to create unique shopping experiences on an individual basis. 

Segmentify, with the help of its AI-based algorithms, analyses each visitor’s behaviour to understand their tastes and interests and later uses this information to develop these preferences further. As a result, Segmentify makes personalised product recommendations that your customers will not be able to resist, which in turn increases conversion rates and AOV.

🏆 eCommerce Analytics – Leader

Being able to track the performance of their products is a must-have for eCommerce businesses since it plays a significant role in preparing the business strategy. Segmentify Real-time Conversion Analytics assists you in tracking how well each product, brand, category, etc., are doing. Trendify Insights helps you understand easily what’s going on in your store through real-time monitoring. Through the Trendify dashboard, you can observe the key metrics on your best-performing products, as well as those that are under-performing. You can also see which referral channels bring in the most value or which discounts/campaigns yield the highest returns.

As a result, Segmentify helps its customers take advantage of new trends on the spot or avoid the risks of ineffective campaigns with the real-time analytics solution.

🚀 eCommerce Search – High Performer

Segmentify set out to offer a comprehensive search experience for eCommerce stores. That’s why we’ve created an all-in complete search suit with personalised searchandising and an intelligent search box.

eCommerce Personalised Searchandising combines merchandising techniques with online search practices for a better and more comprehensive shopping journey. With Personalised Searchandising, our customers get to personalise their search areas according to the business metrics of their choice and maximise the efficiency of these search areas.

Furthermore, Segmentify’s search algorithms turn your search box into a live billboard by allowing for customisation and personalisation, which is an excellent way to grab even the first-time visitors’ attention. To illustrate, the search box can display banners, popular categories, products, brands, etc., based on our customer’s choices.

🚀 eCommerce Personalisation (Mid-Market) – High Performer

Segmentify focuses on helping eCommerce customers find the right products at the right time through the proper channels. eCommerce personalisation is about understanding the customers and making personalised product recommendations that will delight them.

Segmentify solutions provide easy and quick implementation, a people-oriented perspective, conversion optimisation, increased relevance in product recommendations, increased AOV, fast response times, and proactive support by our team of experts.

📈 Best Estimated ROI

Segmentify has earned the Best Estimated ROI badge based on a combination of estimated time to achieve ROI and time to go live. Segmentify can be integrated in just two days with any eCommerce store. There’s no need for an IT team; a single JS code line does the trick. Personalisation campaigns can go live in a couple of days, and the results can be observed within two weeks.

❤️ Users Love Us

At Segmentify, we are working with over 250 customers in 25+ countries. One of the reasons why our customers love working with us (other than our fantastic analytics abilities) is that Segmentify offers them easy integration and onboarding processes. Additionally, our Onboarding and Customer Success teams are always ready to help our customers get the most out of the platform.

What’s Next?

Trends and tastes change at an unseen pace. As a result, it’s critical to be one step ahead when reacting to changes in consumer behaviour. Contact Segmentify for more detailed information on how our solutions can help elevate your eCommerce business to the next level. Let’s join our forces to change the eCommerce game!

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