Ecommerce Personalization Software

Ecommerce Personalization

Personalization is one of the essential parts of E-commerce marketing. It is a very significant tool in your E-commerce to get a higher customer engagement, increase your conversion rate and grow your business. Customers want to see personalized E-commerce websites and they want their shopping journey to be easier. Also, they want to see relevant products that recommended from Ecommerce stores. According to Econsultancy and Monetate survey, 94% of businesses think that personalization is one of the key attributes to their success. In addition to this statement, 59% of E-commerce customers tell that online stores with personalization software make the shopping process easier and more interesting. In this article, you will see 4 crucial features that you should expect from an E-commerce personalization software.

1- Easy Usage

Usability of Ecommerce website is very significant to make your potential customer purchase easily and simple.  69% of Ecommerce visitors leaving the website without buying and one of the reasons of this number is the lack of usability of the website. If the website does not have a user-centered design, your visitors can not be converted to customers. Because your Ecommerce website may be seen to be hard to use in visitors’ sights, they can’t meet requirements that they expect or they can’t reach their goals when they tour on your website.
First thing you should do to make your website usable is to increase your website’s accessibility. Your target audience can easily access your website on different devices and browsers. Secondly, you should offer your visitors related products by tracking the past behaviors of them. By doing this activity, you make visitors’ page personalized and they feel more special and they spend more time on your Ecommerce website. Also, track the visitors’ add to cart rates to increase user engagement.

Ecommerce personalization software
Ecommerce personalization software

2-You should have the control on your ecommerce personalization software

You should be able to change the preset rules based on your own needs. You will need to change the style of the coupons you use. Similarly, you might want to select the products that will be or that will not be recommended in various product recommendation widgets. This is only available with SaaS tools that have a user-friendly interface. You need to monitor your campaigns performance in real-time and have a chance to edit whenever you want using your recommendation software. Only this type of tool allow you to fully control recommendation system on your website. That’s our website and that’s why you should have control.

3- Your ecommerce personalization software should provide real-time analytics capabilities

Statistics show that 88% of Ecommerce stores consider real-time marketing as a significant part of their plans. Real-time analytics is one of the efficient ways to increase your conversion rate. All you need to do is tracking the visitors’ actions. This will provide the data in real time to your recommendation software. Then, you combine all of the preferences of your visitors and use your algorithms to offer certain products.
All the campaigns you activate via your personalization software should be reporting in real-time. You should be tracking the performance and taking the relevant actions immediately if needed. Let’s focus on a campaign in which you plan to give 50 coupons with a benefit of 10% discount in one week. The customer behavior may result in giving all the coupons in the first two days. Or you may not give all the coupons at the end of the week (over estimation of the demand). Your selected ecommerce perzonalization software should have a prediction capability to verify your initial demand estimation and guide you accordingly to match your ecommerce marketing plans.

Ecommerce personalization software
E-commerce personalization software

4-You should provide personalized recommendation widgets

When you’re adding widgets to your Ecommerce website, you should consider some facts about designing and showing these widgets. You need to offer different widgets to different customers. To give an example, you analyze the customer and he/she likes the specific color. If you offer your product in a widget that colored in customers favorite color, this can increase sales. Also, widgets that you add to the website should be simple and understandable. It should give the message clearly and look nice from customers’ view like “buy now”. Moreover, you should add trial, sign up, learn more, add to cart buttons to increase your conversion rate and customer engagement.
Finally, you should give opportunities to customers of your website. If you have limited stock or your store is on season sale or you offer your customer to deliver the product in one day, you can create urgency and add buttons like “sale for today”, “free delivery till midnight”. According to ConversionXL’s search, creating urgency increases conversion rate by 332% .