A Closer Look at Our Trendify Insights and How to Effectively Use It

A Closer Look at Our Trendify Insights and How to Effectively Use It

No matter which industry you’re dealing with or how big of an audience you’re talking to, in e-commerce, you’re always looking for answers to the same questions. And you’re looking for those answers as quickly as possible – ideally in real time. That’s why you need actionable real-time data to optimize your website, and that’s exactly what Trendify Insights provides!

Trendify Insights gives you a summary of your website performance in 15 simple rows, and is updated in real time. Whenever you log into your dashboard, you can see key metrics on your highest performing products, as well as on those that are under-performing. You can also see which discounts yield the highest returns, as well as which referral channels provide the most value.

Here is a summary of five of our clients’ favorite rows, and the insights they provide:

1. Rockstar Products that are worth investing in

Rock Star Products shows you the highest performing products on your website: how many times they have been viewed and how many times they have been purchased.
By looking at your highest performing products, you’ll know exactly which ones to advertise on other channels. It’s a way to ensure a high ROI from an ad, since you already know these products are in demand!
Rockstar Products

2. Discount Works around season changes

With Discount Works, you can see which special offers yield the highest returns. You can choose to feature them in more campaigns, or email them to your customers before they run out.
Do you have a mailing list for price-sensitive customers who only seem to purchase when products are discounted? We suggest letting them know about these products ASAP!
Discount Works

3. We Wish You Have for busy times

Especially important during busy times likes ‘Back to School’, one of the biggest issues e-commerce companies face is having enough inventory. Luckily, in the We Wish You Had row, you can find out in real time which products are out of stock but are still getting clicked on, so you can avoid lost opportunities!
We Wish You Have

4. High Spending to keep your spendings in line

In the High Spending row, you can see the most viewed products with referrals from paid channels, and the number of times each has been purchased. As a result, you can avoid spending money on ad campaigns that don’t yield high returns. If a product you’re spending money to advertise on a paid channel is underperforming, you can immediately discontinue that campaign. This allows you to optimize your advertising budget in real time.
High Spending

5. Abandoned Items 

Abandoned Items are an inevitable problem for all e-commerce businesses. While you can’t completely eliminate them, there are ways to minimize or recover them.
To minimize your abandoned carts, we suggest closely monitoring the products that are frequently left behind in the Abandoned Items row. Then try to figure why. Are they too expensive? Is the shipping time too long? Are the shipping costs too high?
Once you identify the commonalities for these products, it will be easier address the issues.
Abandoned Items
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