Ecommerce case studies

E-Commerce Case Study: We increased Conversion Rate by 60% in 2 weeks.

1 min read

Every e-commerce business needs higher conversion rates! So who wouldn’t be happy to hear an …

Segmentify Oslofjord v2.0 and Designing SaaS products

7 min read

I’ve finally found the time to tell the story of Segmentify’s new design, which received…

CRO tools and Conversion Optimization Tips

Universal list of Conversion Rate Optimizer’s Toolkit – 10 best CRO tools

5 min read

Are you trying to drive more traffic to your E-commerce store and increase your revenue? Do you want…

The Story Behind New Visual Language of Segmentify

1 min read

It’s really cool to work on big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and some other…

Content Optimization to Improve Ecommerce Conversions

2 min read

Content optimization is one of the conversion tools to increase your conversions. Let’s talk a…


2 min read

As one of the winners of Webrazzi Arena, Turkey’s most important entrepreneurship contest, our ne…

Webrazzi Summit Arena Winners

Webrazzi Summit Arena 2015

2 min read

Webrazzi, the leading web source focusing on digital markets, startups, investments, technological d…


Learn Everything About Recommendation Engines Inside Out

5 min read

Have you ever felt like Amazon knows exactly what you want and wondered why? Do you think you have a…