Optimize your Ad Performance: Conversion Lift – Best Practices

Dramatical change of internet and social media world created the need to understand customers-real people for advertisers.
Previously, advertisers used cookies to understand customers but today cookies are not enough to create a value for advertisers.
Understanding people is also important to measure results of a campaign. In a campaign, marketers and advertisers use various channels to attract attention of people.
It is very hard to determine the performance of each channel.
It is obvious that some channels perform well than the others but which one is that? Channels which are not performing well are the cracks on your advertising budget.
Cracks lead to dollars for nothing.
The only way to determine performance of your campaign is passing through measuring conversions instead of clicks.
conversion lift can increase revenue
Deriving value and efficiency are the keys. Underlying thought of these concepts is about good data.
In the web, using cookies to collect data from users in order to measure conversions can generate great results. But today, most of the online activities happen in mobile devices.
This breaks the power of cookie-based measurement systems. It is more and more complex to measure when multi devices are involved.
Advertisers and marketers need more guns to fight these unknown seas. At this point, Facebook creates a great opportunity to make things more accurate and easier.
With conversion lift measurement, marketers can see view and make future decisions better.

What Is Conversion Lift Measurement?

Basically, conversion lift is a measurement system for marketers and advertisers who are using Facebook ads.

  • It takes your targeted audience and divides it two separate groups randomly.
  • One of the groups is the test and the other one is the control group.
  • Ads are seen by the test group.
  • Advertiser needs to share his/her conversion data with Facebook.
  • Then Facebook compares the conversion of test and control group.
  • At the end, results are presented in the Ad Manager.

In this process, the main aim is conversion lift measurement. Lift in conversion rate returns company as profit.
It makes you track conversions, not clicks. Here is the real data!
This conversion measurement system is here for Facebook advertisers to understand true impact of their ads.
The idea behind the scene is understanding value of ads by examining user reactions such as clicks and reviews.
Most important thing about Facebook conversion lift is accuracy in measurements. It uses a scientific approach to business while comparing test and control group.
This method makes marketers to have good, accurate data to understand customers and increase revenues.
On the other hand, while surfing on the web during a day, people use multiple devices which makes it harder to track.
Facebook conversion lift measurement comes to the game at this point. If we take offline sales into account, it gets all balled up.


In today’s world, almost all the people use multiple devices to surf on the internet. This makes marketers to track customers and measure performance of ads.
Facebook conversion lift study shows marketers clear picture of what is going on about ads. You can easily analyze analyze your data on Ad Manager.
Facebook conversion lift test is almost a must for most of marketers to understand their performance of campaign.