21 Amazing Landing Page Examples and Creative Templates

landing page examples
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First impression is always very important to build a good relationship with your customer, and that’s what landing pages do. Landing pages make good or bad impression in visitors’ eyes. It depends on your website’s design, content, loading speed etc. They may be satisfactory and encourager for visitors to purchase your products, or they may be a terrible experience for visitors and abandon your website immediately. That’s why optimizing landing pages is important. Landing pages are the face of your brand in front of your visitors and if you don’t optimize your landing page, you’ll fall behind in E-commerce competition. Designing your landing page may be hard and time-consuming. In this article, I will present 21 landing page examples and landing page templates to get inspired, build your unique landing page and create better experience for visitors.


Airbnb states the advantage of the application when you enter the website and it’s catchy for target customer, when you scrool down, you get more informed. This page is one of the good landing page examples.airbnb landing page example
airbnb landing page template


Groove’s landing page has simple and impressive design with a descriptor video. There is also a free trial CTA that makes the visitor to leave an e-mail address.

groove landing page example
groove landing page example


Flickr is a platform that can share or store your photos. It’s landing page is very inspirational because Flickr create the landing page with amateur and professional nature photos shared by a community.
flickr landing page example


The landing page of Thankbot clearly emphasizes the benefits of the service. Also, they explain how it works.
thankbot landing page example
thankbot landing page template


Landing page of Motorola’s smartwatch is classy and stylish with good selected colors. The page also introduces smartwatch and offers visitors for more information.
motorola landing page
moto360 look example

6)TemplateMonster – Business Responsive Template

This template provides you business responsive landing page. Also, it offers you galleries, blog, online store and it’s mobile-friendly.
template monster example landing page
templatemonster landing page template


Buffer has a powerful design and relevant free-trial CTA in the landing page.
buffer lp example



Author clearly states its purpose when you go through the website. The landing page is effective because content is short and smart and pictures are very beautiful.




Divi is a “elegantthemesdemo” template that lets customer a new and effective visual interface. There is a guidance about how to shape your landing page.

divi landing page template



Macbook has a landing page that designed modest and not given any details about laptop. People love Macbook for its design and strong hardware.

macbook landing page example


The landing page of Flint is designed very modern and simple. It explains the purpose of the service, includes security badges and “Learn more” CTA.

flint landing page template

flint landing page template


Impact’s landing page has a large headline that leads to the free guide about the service. Also it has a neat design with satisfying colors and fonts.

impact landing page example


Plated’s landing page consists of background image that shows what Plated do. Also, there are four features about the service when you scrool down. That’s why this landing page is effective.

plated landing page template



SumoMe welcomes you with large headline that tells what is SumoMe about and the landing page includes “Try it now” button. It is also one of the great landing page examples.

sumome landing page template

sumome landing page template


Workable is a good example for well optimized landing pages. It indicates all of the things you get from the service with “Free Trial” section. Fonts and colors are also cool.

workable landing page example

workable landing page example


Zendesk made the process simple. When you get into the landing page, there is an option to sign with google or register with your work address.

zendesk landing page example


Falcon.io welcomes you with the “how it works” button and background includes a video that show the benefit of the service.

falcon.io landing page template

falcon.io landing page template

18)TemplateMonster – Fashion Landing Page

This landing page template lets you to use large, browser-sized videos in the background and make people stare at it. Also it provides good visual experience.

templatemonsterfashion lp template

templatemonsterfashion lp template


Intercom’s landing page is designed very creative and comprehensibly states the purpose of the service. It includes the other features of the service when you go below.

intercom lp example

intercom lp example


The landing page is very modest and cool. If you scrool down, landing page contains features and statistics about the benefits of the service. Simple is also one of the inspiring landing page examples for E-commerces that are in search of well designed and optimized landing page.

simple landing page template

simple landing page template


Segmentify has a perfect optimized landing page with perfect designed logo and  well-selected fonts and colors. “Try now FREE” button is also catchy if your company needs a smart recommendations. It has also small tips about E-commerce and offers you their other products.

segmentify's perfect landing page example

segmentify's perfect landing page example



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