5 Best Landing Page Templates

Landing pages may have several usage areas. While creating a landing page, main objectives are conversion and lead generation. Based on your business, a well-designed landing page can be the key of your conversions.
It should be simple and clear but have enough information to persuade the visitor to convert into a customer. If your landing page is not good enough, you cannot get good conversion rates even if your marketing and advertisement efforts are great.
The same situation is valid for lead generation. You should ask relevant information and be sure to give enough information to persuade visitor. For small businesses, creating a great landing page can be trouble.
In this case, free landing page templates are great resources. You can have some insight by viewing comments. Even though you will not use free landing page templates, it is beneficial to examine these resources when you are creating your own landing page.
Examining more examples gives you the opportunity of whether your possible design is good for conversions/lead generations or not.

Lets Check Some Landing Page Templates:


1) Creative

landing page templates
This is a very good landing page template for websites which expose a portfolio.  For both businesses or personal portfolios, you can use this free landing page template.
It can give you great results because of its nice and clean appearance. With a proper headline and enough information under, it is natural to click on the call to action(CTA) button at the center.

2) The New “Perfect” (wink wink) Squeeze Page

landing page templates
Lead generation takes its bases on the exchange of information. In this case, you offer to the visitor a report in exchange of an email address. This great gives enough information from visitors by receiving the report and red lines around this information. You can try if you have this type of report.

3) Arcadia

landing page templates
Another core aspect of a landing page is being responsive. This landing page asserts that its 100% responsive. Also with awesome design and animation, it is worth trying.

4) App Landy

landing page templates
Some landing page templates have some features beyond good-looking. App Landy is a great example of this with pricing table, app download section, pricing table, responsivity etc. no need to mention its charming view.

5) Mini Studio

landing page templates
A slide share at the top of the landing page can be great. You can take attention of visitor by more than and fresh content. This landing page template has a simple interface with a proper call to action button which has a contrary color so that visitor gives attention to the button.