8 Must See TED Talks for Ecommerce Professionals

Would you like to increase your ecommerce conversion rates and improve online business performance? Do you wonder how to make happy customers in the digital era?
Watch these Ted Talks. These tips will improve customer decision process.
Promise, you will be inspired.

1) Itamar Simonson: The decline of consumer irrationality affects ecommerce world

Itamar Simonson, Stanford professor, argues that the change in consumer behavior caused by Internet. Nowadays, consumers are less likely to choose irrationally.


2) Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice

Psychologist Barry Schwartz takes aim at a central tenet of western societies: freedom of choice. In Schwartz’s estimation, choice has made us not freer but more paralyzed, not happier but more dissatisfied.

3) Renny Gleeson: the 404: Page Not Found on Ecommerce Website

Oops! Nobody wants to see the 404: Page Not Found, especially on e-commerce websites. But as Renny Gleeson shows us, while he runs through a slideshow of creative and funny 404 pages, every error is really a chance to build a better relationship.

3) Kevin Kelly: The Next 5,000 Days of the Web in Ecommerce World

At the 2007 EG conference, Kevin Kelly shares a fun stat: The World Wide Web, as we know it, is only 5,000 days old. Now, Kelly asks, how can we predict what’s coming in the next 5,000 days?

4) Seth Godin: The tribes we lead (2009)

Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make a big change. He urges us to do so.

5) Margaret Gould Stewart: How giant websites design for you (And, a billion others too)

Facebook’s “like” and “share” buttons are seen 22 billion times a day, making them some of the most-viewed design elements ever created. Margaret Gould Stewart, Facebook’s director of product design, outlines three rules for design at such a massive scale—one so big that the tiniest of tweaks can cause global outrage, but also so large that the subtlest of improvements can positively impact the lives of many and this is quite important if you are in e-commerce business.

6) Malcolm Gladwell: Choice Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce

“Tipping Point” author Malcolm Gladwell gets inside the food industry’s pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce — and makes a larger argument about the nature of choice and happiness.

7) Derek Sivers – How to start a movement

With help from some surprising footage, Derek Sivers explains how movements really get started.

8) Sheena Iyengar: How to make choosing easier?

We all want customized experiences and products — but when faced with 700 options, consumers freeze up. With fascinating new research, Sheena Iyengar demonstrates how businesses (and others) can improve the experience of choosing.