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3 User Behaviors You Must Consider to Convert Visitors into Sales

As an e-commerce website owner, if you want a special design for your online shop, it takes months, unfortunately. When an e-commerce website is being designed, there are a lot of criteria to easily convert visitors such as brand image, product view, right message,  and user-friendly website etc.

In these days, website design is a general problem for companies and it affects the suppliers, especially.  As an e-commerce website owner, you should know that e-commerce website is a showcase of the brand. You are actually building a store and adding products/services in it. The most important point here, visitors need to find the most suitable product for themselves; and to make it happen; user experience is required to convert visitors into real customers.

When you design a website, you need to take your user behavior into account. Do you wonder which behaviors are crucial for you?

Here are three questions you must consider:

1) How does your website look like to your visitors?

If you are responsible for the company website, and putting a lot of time on this company website, you are the wrongest person ever for any kind of evaluation. Potential customers may be leaving visitors in a second. For example, when you look into your website, you see every detail in it, and each part of the page has the same value for you. However, visitors look through your website and only focus on one or two parts which look attractive or relevant to them.

2) How does your customer buy products?

The user behavior on website can be different from website to website, and the “user flow” in Google Analytics may be confusing on that point; however, there are lots of filters on Analytics such as traffic resource, the most visited home pages etc. You just need to use the most used filters to analyze user behavior to convert visitor into real customers in a right way.

Simply Convert

In general, for an e-commerce website, a payment process is like this: Visitor looks for the product in search engines and comes through your website, and then visits the product detail by clicking.

3) Which customer do you need to target to convert visitors?

In two steps, you have learned how your website looks like to your customers. If new customers come from the other search engines, you can redirect these customers to your main page instead of your best seller page. By using big data, you can redesign a customized website for your target groups. Start with two target customer group: Loyal customers and new customers. In order to convert visitors into these two target customers groups, you should start using big data.

Please remind that user behavior is hyper-variable. You need to check and update your website all time. Then, you also increase conversion rates. 

I hope, it could help!

İpek Çeliksöz

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