10 Ways Personalisation is Impacting Luxury Ecommerce

10 Ways Personalisation is Impacting Luxury Ecommerce

In today’s increasingly digital world, customers expect more. In recent history, luxury brands were able to easily stand out with their excellent customer service and attentive in-store experience, but today’s consumers expect this as standard. Luxury brands who fail to adapt to modern ecommerce trends, such as personalised experiences, put their company at risk of being overshadowed and forgotten. Below we look at 10 ways personalisation is impacting luxury ecommerce.

Email Personalisation
Often, luxury purchases are made because the consumer has an emotional connection with the brand, and personalised emails can be used to build this relationship and strengthen the bond between the client and the company. Building a strong, lasting connection with a customer will ensure they stay loyal to your brand.

Customer Retention
Some luxury purchases are once-in-a-lifetime, making it difficult for a luxury brand to create repeat customers. Personalised search based on a customer’s buying relationship with a brand can help show their relevant, complementary purchases that can help persuade them to make their second purchase.

Web Push Notification
Web push notifications, most commonly associated with news alerts, are quickly becoming a tool that luxury brands are using to inspire and connect with their customers. For example, push notifications can be used to inform your clientele when a new collection is dropping and can make limited collections and pieces seem more urgent and important.

Flawless Experience
Personalisation is impacting luxury ecommerce as luxury brands are able to provide the quality, customer experience they give in a physical store to their online customers. For example, a website can be personalised to greet each customer and offer them a chat window to speak directly to a sales rep, imitating the in-store experience as closely as possible.

Product Recommendations
Online personal product recommendations give a luxury customer the experience of a personal shopping service from the comfort of their home. By utilising customer data, a luxury brand can target a market segmentation of customers who are failing to make repeat purchases and show them relevant content or recommend suitable items based on their shopping habits.

Adapt to Consumer Habits
Some luxury companies are hesitant to build their online presence as they worry their USP is the experience they can provide in-store and the way their products look and feel won’t translate well online. Today’s consumers, however, want to research and study a product thoroughly online before even considering making a purchase, making having a clear online ecommerce presence essential.

Increase Conversion Rates
Personalisation can be used based on location to increase conversion rates. For example, before Paris fashion week a luxury brand can advertise a specific item to their French audience, targeting it as this season’s ‘must-have item’ to help ensure sales for this product boom in the run-up to the fashion event.

Virtual Sales Assistant
By remembering a customer’s previous purchases, sizes and preferences, a website can act as a virtual sales assistant recommending products in the right size that will complement previous purchases. In this way, customers get the experience of a knowledgeable sales rep who will make accurate, personal recommendations without having to go to a physical store.

Influencer Selection
Personalisation can allow a brand to create a detailed image of their target customers. By utilising available data, luxury brands can theorise which influencers and brands their clients follow, allowing a luxury brand to choose which influencers and companies they may wish to collaborate with.

Inspiring Content
Luxury ecommerce does not end at product pages and customer support, luxury brands need to offer their customers quality content. For example, if a customer has been browsing handbags, a luxury brand could recommend their blog post ’10 ways to style a luxury handbag’ to give the customer more information about products and inspire them to make a purchase.

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