To reduce your abandoned cart rates, retarget your visitors with online and offline web push notifications and personalized emails.

With the smartest retargeting strategies don’t lose the abandoned carts, where the average rate of cart abandonment is 69%.

stay customer centered

Stay customer centered

Customers should always be at the center of any retargeting methods.

get creative

Get Creative

Add some images and interesting content into your emails.

Be precise

Be precise

Pinpoint what they have left and what you can offer more.

Time is money

Time is money

Abandoned cart emails are sent to customers who have added products to the basket however, didn’t complete shopping.

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Abandoned Cart is not a nightmare

You can decrease the number of abandoned carts with smart retargeting and remarketing strategies by establishing re-engagement with your customers.

The average rate of cart abandonment is 69%.

With the smartest retargeting strategies don’t lose the abandoned carts.

Abandoned Cart

We know how to return customers!

Basket Reminders

Remind abandoned cart items forgotten by sending emails or push notifications. Come up with a reasonable email schedule and put appealing images and text into your emails.

New Products and Campaigns

Making use of segmentation of your custumers offer smart product and campaign recommendation that would interest your custumers based on their previous behavior and purchase history.

Personalized Emails

Stay in touch with customers by sending popular products emails. On a regular basis you might want to inform your custumers about some interesting deals and that would also help them remember that they forgot their cart to checkout.

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